Voice Dialogue is one element in the model of consciousness created and evolved by Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone over the last three decades. This model is based on the experience of the human personality as being  multidimensional, made up of countless ‘Selves’.

    During a Voice Dialogue session the facilitator may speak with one or more Selves.  The Selves occupy different physical spaces in the room allowing the participant and the facilitator to have a deeper experience of each Self, to learn about the concerns, rules, needs and history particular to that Self.  This information is often amazingly clear and previously unknown by the conscious mind of the participant.

    A Voice Dialogue session allows one to separate from both the Primary Selves (who we usually think we are) and the Disowned Selves  (usually found in those we dislike or idolize), developing what we call an Aware Ego Process.  This is the place that can stand between the demands and needs of the different Selves,  yet hold the awareness of both. Voice Dialogue is an energetic process and It is an amazing feeling to be both witness and participant in one’s life, even for just a moment, able to embrace the wider range of who one is.

     It is through a relationship with and an understanding  of these Selves, that compassion and true self acceptance emerges. As one becomes more engaged with the Aware Ego Process, humor, recognition, curiosity, empathy, connection, appreciation, healing and a sense of freedom for oneself and others grows exponentially and organically.

   Whether one is being facilitated in a private session, observing others in a class or learning to facilitate in a training, the impact of this work resonates with an inner authentic experience, and creates bridges to the treasures residing inside of us all.

    This psycho-spiritual approach includes in-depth exploration of the sub-personalities that make-up the psyche, as well as work with dreams, relationship patterns, archetypes and body energy fields.